A Spectrum of Laser Skin Treatments

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Accelerated Tattoo Removal

Tattoo removal with preservation of normal skin wasn’t practical until a few years ago with the invention of Lasers with extremely short pulse durations.  These pulses (measured in billionths of a second) hit cells containing the tattoo pigment, and cause the cell to rupture and release the pigment.  The amount of energy focused on the tattoo was limited by the need to preserve the normal skin cells.  Rupture of those pigment containing cells caused microscopic release of steam, nitrogen, and cellular debris, which then blocked further Laser energy from hitting the tattoo cells.  The practical effect was that tattoo removal required many visits at 6 week intervals.

We are pleased to now offer an exciting new, FDA approved tattoo removal process.  This uses a PFD chemical patch (looks like a piece of saran wrap) that allows three treatment sessions to be combined into one.  This patch works by enhancing Laser beam penetration of the skin, cooling the skin, and most importantly it removes the tiny gas bubbles that interfere with repeat passes of the Laser. Patients also report less discomfort with this method.

While each treatment session will be somewhat more expensive than the traditional Laser alone,  this will be more than offset by the reduced number of treatments necessary, time and travel inconvenience, etc.

As always, the initial consultation for tattoo removal is free, and you will be given a firm price for each treatment by traditional or accelerated technique.

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