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Hair Regrowth re-visited

Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT) for hair regrowth continues to be one of our most requested services.  Not surprising since this is a simple, inexpensive, and effective way to recover hair growth.  There are now over 100 articles in the medical literature establishing the effectiveness of this treatment in the majority (about 80%) of patients.  […]

GYN clinic closure

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After nearly four decades of providing women’s health care in Mt. Pleasant,  Dr. Allan and his associates will close the GYN clinic October 30, 2017.  We will continue to provide laser treatments for cosmetic purposes only.   For continuing GYN care, we recommend the Women’s Medical Center of Mt. Pleasant. http://www.obgynmtpleasantmi.com Follow this link,      […]

Hair Regrowth

For many years we have permanently removed unwanted hair with Laser devices.  Now with similar photobiomodulation equipment using Low Level Laser Therapy we can enhance desired hair growth. Studies have shown that certain light wavelengths cause dormant hair follicles to start growing again.  Once you have reached near “cue-ball” status such as I have, this […]

Infini Upgrade

With the recent Infini upgrade we are able to deliver more collagen building stimulus with less time and significantly less discomfort.  Even prior to this upgrade, the Infini provided the best balance of excellent treatment effect with minimal downtime, but this is now even more favorable.  Infini is used to reverse skin laxity and diminish […]

Accelerated Tattoo Removal: Further Update

As more experience with this technique has accumulated, we can add several further observations.  While the main intent was to remove more tattoo pigment at each treatment and thereby require fewer total treatment sessions, we are very pleased that our patients report that the triple treatment sessions with the PFD patch are significantly less uncomfortable […]

Accelerated tattoo removal: update

We have now had the opportunity to use the PFD accelerated tattoo removal procedure, described in the post below, enough to be comfortable with several observations.  Certainly we see substantially more clearing of ink in a shorter period of time, and with less tissue reaction.  The increased laser and staff time, and increased cost for […]

Accelerated Tattoo Removal

Tattoo removal with preservation of normal skin wasn’t practical until a few years ago with the invention of Lasers with extremely short pulse durations.  These pulses (measured in billionths of a second) hit cells containing the tattoo pigment, and cause the cell to rupture and release the pigment.  The amount of energy focused on the […]

New Year / New Look special offer

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None of us can completely avoid the common effects of aging:  sagging skin, loss of definition, jowls and wrinkles.  But while we can’t evade all of these forever, we sure can slow them down with high tech procedures like Thermage.  This no downtime, minimally invasive procedure results in a smoother, sleeker, more youthful appearance. See       www.thermage.com […]

Wrinkles and Sagging

None of us on this planet can age without gravity taking its toll. Of course this affects some more than others, and bothers some more than others. (One must always be mindful that the only way to completely avoid aging is a most unattractive alternative!) Television has made us all familiar with the dramatic results […]

Scar Reduction

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Until fairly recently only plastic surgery could change the appearance of a scar. Better understanding of how the body heals itself has led to significant new ways to improve the appearance of even old scars. For many years we have used injections of steroids into bulky scars, but it has always been difficult to get […]