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Accelerated tattoo removal: update

We have now had the opportunity to use the PFD accelerated tattoo removal procedure, described in the post below, enough to be comfortable with several observations.  Certainly we see substantially more clearing of ink in a shorter period of time, and with less tissue reaction.  The increased laser and staff time, and increased cost for […]

Accelerated Tattoo Removal

Tattoo removal with preservation of normal skin wasn’t practical until a few years ago with the invention of Lasers with extremely short pulse durations.  These pulses (measured in billionths of a second) hit cells containing the tattoo pigment, and cause the cell to rupture and release the pigment.  The amount of energy focused on the […]

Brown Spots

Sun exposure, even long ago sun exposure, often leads to light brown or tan spots on the skin.  Sometimes called “age spots” or “sun spots”, these are common on the face, back of hands, upper chest, and other areas of frequent sun exposure.  Fortunately, our Spectra VRM Nd:YAG laser can readily remove these pigments without […]