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Droopy Eyes

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Gravity gets to most of our parts sooner or later!

When your upper lids sag significantly, your face not only appears much older but you look very tired as well.  Of course the most effective treatment for this is surgical removal of some of the extra skin and repositioning the rest, called a blepharoplasty.  The downside is cost for the surgeon, anesthesia, and the operating room, as well as the significant recovery needed from a surgical procedure.  A useful alternative is Thermage treatment of the upper and lower lids.  This is a one time office treatment with only  a few hours downtime using RF energy to shrink collagen.  This is especially useful for those with only moderate drooping, and of course is quite substantially less expensive than surgical blepharoplasty.

For a look at results from such a procedure, use this link:http://www.thermage.com/consumer/what-to-expect/thermage-results

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