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Fractional Laser Ablation

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Fractional Ablation.   To ablate is to remove completely.  Years ago this was usually our only choice with any laser system;  that is complete removal of the target lesion.  With the CO2 laser applied to the face, this resulted in dramatic improvement in aging and wrinkled skin, but required prolonged healing.  Typically, since the skin cells had to re-grow from the base of hair follicles and sweat glands, this was about 6 weeks.  Now, using computer controlled pattern generators, we can direct the CO2 laser to “drill” thousands of tiny holes while preserving the skin between them.  The great advantage is that while you replace 60-70 percent of the surface with new skin, it re-grows from the islands of tissue preserved between the holes, usually in about 5 days.  Since this does not result in total replacement of the skin, it is termed “fractional ablation”.  We find this has many applications from rejuvenation of the face to revison of old scars.

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