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Hair Regrowth re-visited

Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT) for hair regrowth continues to be one of our most requested services.  Not surprising since this is a simple, inexpensive, and effective way to recover hair growth.  There are now over 100 articles in the medical literature establishing the effectiveness of this treatment in the majority (about 80%) of patients.  For over a decade we have known that topical minoxidil applied to the scalp would in many cases reverse hair loss as well.  Since the minoxidil requires twice daily application to the scalp, most women have opted for the LLLT instead.  However, a recent paper from Lasers in Surgery and Medicine (Esmat, Samia, Lasers Surg.Med. 49:835-843, 2017) looked at three treatment groups:  minoxidil alone, LLLT alone, and combined treatment.  Using ultrasound bio-microscopic measurement, the number of regrowing hair follicles was significantly increased in all three groups, along with increase in hair shaft diameter.  The greatest increase was in the group that used both minoxidil and LLLT.

We find that patient satisfaction is very high with the LLLT only treatment, but given results in this paper,  we will recommend that most patients consider addition of minoxidil topical at least once per day.

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