A Spectrum of Laser Skin Treatments

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This form of brown skin discoloration is quite common, and often very discouraging to those who suffer from it.  Until recently there has been little in the way of effective treatment.  Fortunately, we have the only FDA approved device for treating this frustrating condition, the Q-switched Nd:YAG Lutronic VRM.

These dark, irregular patches of skin are difficult to cover with makeup, and respond only slightly to topical lightening agents.  The color comes from cells containing the pigment melanin that have become more prominent than usual due to various stimuli such as sun exposure, hormones, and genetic tendencies.  Research has shown that an extremely short pulse of laser energy, 5 billionths of a second at the right wavelength, can mobilize this pigment and  cause regression of the melanin containing dendrites returning the skin to its normal color.

Melasma 2It takes the right equipment and a fairly subtle touch to get good results.  With too much energy used, the spots will not resolve or will darken.  For the optimal  outcome, you will need a series of treatments, initially spaced at one or two week intervals for the first six, then as the color has faded, several additional treatments at multiple month intervals.  I do recommend using a topical cream such as 2% or 4% hydroquinone for two weeks prior to the laser treatments.  Good sun blocks are essential.  We charge $150 per laser session for melasma.

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