A Spectrum of Laser Skin Treatments

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Magazines, the Internet, and other media bombard us all with a bewildering variety ‘appearance enhancements,’ so how do you choose what, if anything, to do?

First and foremost, you should decide what bothers you about your appearance—not what anyone else thinks.  Since a medical treatment will be designed to alleviate specific problems, it is helpful to think about appearance in several broad categories.

Laxity.    This includes fine and deep wrinkles, as well as sagging such as jowls and neck. Depending on individual characteristics, treatment could range from simple topical creams to Botox, Thermage,  various Laser procedures, or surgery.

Skin Texture/Color.  Sun damage is cumulative, and often results in hard to cover brown spots on the face, hands, or décolletage. This is often accompanied by fine but unattractive blood vessels.  As we age our pores become more prominent and skin texture more rough.  All these changes affect light reflectance off the skin, which in turn will be seen by others as generalized aging.    Specific Laser wavelengths are used to destroy pigment containing cells or to destroy superficial blood vessels.  Similarly, intentionally pigmented cells with a variety of colors (a Tattoo!) can be eliminated.

Lumps & Bumps.  Most of us eventually have some sort of unsightly skin growths.  These can be removed surgically, or often more easily with Lasers.

Scars.  Many scars, even some decades old, can be reduced and smoothed with Laser treatments.

Hair.  Great in the right places, but otherwise can be embarrassing.  Various Lasers can be used to permanently eliminate hair follicles.  This then avoids the little red inflammatory bumps that often come with shaving.