A Spectrum of Laser Skin Treatments

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Tattoo Removal

Since ancient times, men and women have changed their skin’s appearance with pigments driven into that skin.  The pigment is taken into skin cells and held there, making it impervious to attempted removal by creams or other applications.

Not uncommonly, a tattoo obtained in one stage of life becomes undesired in another stage.  Often this has to do with employment opportunities or sometimes a change in artistic taste. Less commonly it is a name no longer cherished.

Whatever the reason, until fairly recently we had no effective means of removing a tattoo while leaving the skin intact.  With the advent of Q-switched lasers with very short pulselengths, usually about 5 billionth of a second, we can remove most tattoos.

There are a number of factors about an individual tattoo that affect the ease with which it can be removed, and therefore the number of treatments required and their cost.  These factors include the size of the design, the ink density, the color(s) involved, skin type, and the anatomic location of the tattoo.  The initial consultation for tattoo removal is done at no charge, and to save time and travel cost, we frequently give a provisional estimate based on a measurement and e-mailed photo.

For just over a year now we have offered an FDA approved accelerated removal process.  This allows us to do three treatments at one session.  The accelerated process is significantly more expensive but it does save travel time and costs, as well as recovery time.