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Thinning Hair

Significant thinning of scalp hair (hypotrichosis) is very common, occurring in about 25% of perimenopausal women, and most cases are thought to be genetic in origin. Fortunately, we now have effective, simple, and inexpensive ways to restore lost hair. Treatment will be most effective when initiated earlier rather than later in the course of hair loss.

Studies have shown that certain light wavelengths sequenced in specific ways cause dormant hair follicles to start growing again.  Once you have reached near “cue-ball” status such as I (Dr Allan) have, this technique is too little too late.   However, for women who recognize moderate hair loss we can commonly increase hair shaft thickness and hair numbers with a completely painless and inexpensive treatment protocol.

After an initial consultation to rule out an underlying treatable scalp disease, we begin with two treatments per week for two weeks, then change to 2 treatments per month.  Each treatment session is painless, takes about 20 minutes, costs $25, and the client can return to full normal activities immediately.