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Wrinkles and Sagging

None of us on this planet can age without gravity taking its toll. Of course this affects some more than others, and bothers some more than others. (One must always be mindful that the only way to completely avoid aging is a most unattractive alternative!)
Television has made us all familiar with the dramatic results that can be obtained through plastic surgery, but of course this comes at quite a cost in money and recovery time. In our office we offer a variety of procedures to slow and reverse the appearance of aging with minimal down time and at affordable cost. For instance, the Infini procedure can significantly tighten skin of the face and neck with only a two day recovery and sub-$1000 cost. Sometimes the no down time and inexpensive injection of Botox is all that is needed to banish wrinkles and freshen the appearance.
Of course we have many other procedures that can help rejuvenate your look, all of which must be individualized for the best results. If you are concerned about sagging and wrinkles–and who isn’t– come in for a free initial evaluation and to discuss treatment options.

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