A Spectrum of Laser Skin Treatments

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Procedures & Treatments

Below you will find a brief summary of some popular services we offer and conditions we treat. If you have any further questions, please call us at 989-772-1213 or fill out the form at the right-hand side of this page.



For difficult to control acne, a series of Laser peels will usually result in a marked reduction of inflammatory lesions.  This will usually require 6 to 8 treatments at three week intervals.  (Cost is $265 per treatment)

Botox for Wrinkles and Hyperhydrosis.

We use Botox to relax and smooth facial muscles;  it is particularly effective at getting rid of those two vertical lines between the eyebrows that so often make a person look unhappy.  Botox also effectively blocks underarm sweating for individuals with hyperhydrosis. (cost is chiefly dependent on how many units of Botox are required, and may vary from $250 to $1000)


A mechanical ‘polishing’ of the skin causing deep exfoliation leaving healthier, refreshed skin.  (cost is $60 per treatment)

Laser Peel

Similar to, but more easily controlled than a chemical peel, this treatment removes superficial older, drier skin making room for newer more vital tissue.  Usually this is a series of treatments to refresh and refine the skin. (cost is $265 for the basic treatment)


A series of Laser Peels interspersed with Laser Toning treatments can mobilize and disperse the brown pigment that characterizes this chronic condition. (Cost as above for Laser Peels)

Tattoo removal

Many people wish to remove a design that no longer reflects their personality or their current partner.  Sometimes employers require removal.  This can be done, but the number of treatments required is highly dependent on ink colors, density, depth, size, and body placement.  Amateur inks are much more easily removed.  (cost dependent on size, generally $95 to $350 per treatment)  Please check the “News” page for information about the new Accelerated Tattoo Removal technique.

Brown Sunspots

These can be individually removed, or if there is extensive sun damage, it may be better to treat all the skin with the C02 Laser or IPL.  (cost for treatment of an anatomic area such as a face, or back of hands is $390 for two sessions;  generalized treatment with the IPL starts at $350 per session, and the C02 fractional ablation is in the $1500 to $2500 range)

Thermage skin tightening

A non-invasive procedure using carefully controlled Radio Frequency (RF) energy to shrink collagen fibers supporting the skin of the face, jowls, neck, etc resulting in smoother, tighter skin contours without downtime.  (cost for mid and lower face is $1600)

Unwanted Veins

Unsightly red or blue veins of the nose, face, or legs  can be eliminated without injections or needles using the Nd:YAG laser.  (cost depends on area, typically $150 to $250 per treatment)

Rosacea and Facial Flushing

This can be nicely treated with IPL technology, which offers a safe, non-invasive solution tailored to your individual condition and skin type. (typically a series of three to five treatments costing $300 each)

Hair Removal

Our LightSheer diode Laser is specially designed for the rapid, permanent removal of unwanted hair.  (multiple treatments are required, and cost varies by surface area;  as an example an upper lip is typically $100 per treatment, while a Bikini line is $300)

Scar Revision

The appearance of a scar, even an old one, can now often be substantially improved with C02 laser treatments, sometimes augmented with injections.  (cost is dependent on scar size, but generally ranges from $200 to $1000)

Active Fx

This CO2 laser improves skin color and fine wrinkles by fractional ablation, that is by selectively removing the surface and leaving islands of healthy tissue from which rapid re-growth will occur.  The per cent of surface removed can vary from 60% to 100%. (cost for whole face $900 to $1500, topical anesthesia included, other areas proportionally charged)

Deep Fx

This variation of the CO2laser “drills” thousands of very fine holes into the deeper skin causing new supporting collagen formation and reducing wrinkles and laxity.

Total Fx

This combines the Active Fx and DeepFx to improve laxity and color.  Also used to improve the appearance of old scars.  Requires 4-6 days downtime for recovery.  (Topical anesthesia and oral sedation included, cost $2500 for whole face.)