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 Gynecology Services


The Gynecology practice will close permanently as of October 30th, 2017.  The Aesthetic and Laser practice will remain open.  After October 30, 2017 we will be unable to provide prescriptions or medical services unrelated to the aesthetic practice.

Continued Gynecologic care will be provided by Women’s Medical Center, located in the Medical Arts Building attached to McLaren Central Hospital, Suite 220, 1201 South Drive, Mt. Pleasant, MI  48858.  (989) 773-3411.  Medical records will be transferred to this facility.

With regard to old medical records, please carefully consider the following:

  • The State of Michigan regulates fees for copying medical records.  As of 2017, the copying fee is $1.19 per page.
  • Many patients have several hundred pages of old records.
  • Most old medical records will not be reviewed by a new provider, and will not influence current care (results of a pap or mammogram from several years ago are not relevant to current care)
  • Records request from other than the patient incur an additional fee of $23
  • As a result of the above points, most requests for old records will incur a significant cost but provide little if any benefit