A Spectrum of Laser Skin Treatments

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A Laser is a device that emits a beam of light with special physical properties that make it very useful in skin treatments.  Each Laser type has a beam of specific wavelength, or  color, that can target particular parts of skin while passing through other parts without harming them.  For example, a 532 nanometer Laser, which is a green light, will pass through normal surface skin but be intensely absorbed by a black or brown pigment.  This can be used then to destroy brown pigment containing cells such as age spots or moles, or “cracking” the pigment out of a tattoo.

Another type of Laser, the CO2, operates in the infra-red area, and its beam is highly absorbed by water.  The water found in living cells is instantly vaporized destroying that cell, and when done with very high energy levels carrying away most of the heat with the vaporization, leaving adjacent tissues unharmed.  We find this to be very useful in treating cancers and pre-cancers of the cervix, vagina, and skin.  This type of Laser can be used to “drill” thousands of tiny holes in the skin, leaving intact skin between the holes, so that the net effect is to remove up to 85% of the skin surface, but have rapid healing from the islands of tissue left behind.

By varying the Laser wavelength, amount of energy in a pulse, duration of the pulse, and stacking pulses together, the lightbeam can pass through the skin, leaving it unharmed, and destroy a target such as an unwanted vein or hair follicle.